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Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training Program (CAPT) 390 Hours
Tuition fee: 88,000 Baht

CAPT Schedule Year 2022
January 9 - March 25
April 17 - July 1
July 10 - September 23
October 2 - December 16

The CAPT Program has been established due to the demand of Thai Massage students wishing to have a more comprehensive and intensive program for professional and teacher training.

The Objective of the CAPT 390 Hour Program is to graduate students who will be able to give a “Nuad Bo-Rarn” Northern-style Thai Massage professionally. In addition, to having  the skills to teach ITM Level I and Level II Thai Massage.

Course Description

CAPT students study Level I, II, III and IV with other regular students. It gives greater cultural experience and opportunity to practice on many different types of bodies.
Level I - Foundation of Thai Massage

Level II - Intermediate Thai Massage

Level III - Advanced Sen Energy Lines

Level IV - Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage

Thai Herbal Hot Compress

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Course

Applied Anatomy for Thai Massage
  • Client evaluation
  • Massage contraindications, cautions and benefits
  • Special Considerations for massage
  • Special Considerations for the elderly
  • Therapist body mechanics, pressing and breathing techniques
  • Muscular/skeletal system Anatomical landmarks, spinal and extremity movements, range of motion
  • Stabilizers/mobilizers – roles in health and therapy
  • Common physical problems and 10 muscle “trouble makers”
  • The truth about “cracking”
  • Stretching techniques
  • Circulatory system, pulse points
  • Introduction to Anatomy Trains, Myofascial therapy, Neuromuscular therapy (NMT)
  • Introduction to the other body systems (integumentary, digestive, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, reproductive, respiratory, and urinary.)
  • Comparative Asian Energy Theories. (energy channels: SEN, Ayurvedic, Meridians; Chi/Ki/Prana; Marmas; Chakras)

One-on-one training with ITM teacher
  • This is a great opportunity for student to have one-on-one trainings with ITM teachers to strengthen techniques learned in Level I, II, III and IV.

Teacher Training (4 weeks)
  • CAPT students will have the opportunity to participate in the students’ demonstrations of the daily lesson.
  • Assist in the observation and teaching of the students’ practice in Level I and Level II


Receiving Hill Tribe Massage at Lahu Hill Tribe Village (CAPT October, November, January)

Study Anatomy Cadaver Lab at Chiang Mai University

Thai Massage Training for Disadvantaged Students


Visiting Senior Citizen Center to Massage the Elderly

Lanna folk therapies workshop

Visiting Senior Citizen Center to Massage the Elderly

Going to Baan Piyamarn senior citizen center in Chaing Mai to massage the elderly, CAPT students experience the gratitude and hospitality of Thailand’s Elderly Citizens.

Lanna folk therapies workshop
CAPT students received a lecture by Master Boonchu (the most knowledgeable Master) on the ancient Healing Arts of Northern Thailand on Ched Hak – Yam Kang – Tok Sen and experience giving and receiving a short massage on each of the modalities.


Receiving Hill Tribe Massage at Lahu Hill Tribe Village
CAPT students spent the night at a Lahu Hill tribe Village experiencing their lifestyle and receiving a unique hill tribal Thai Massage from one of the Village Healers.


Study Anatomy Cadaver Lab at Chiang Mai University
CAPT students visited the Chiang Mai University Anatomy cadaver lab and received a lecture from the professors on Human Anatomy in relationship to Thai Massage.


Thai Massage Training for Disadvantaged Students
CAPT students presented a workshop teaching Thai foot reflexology massage to disadvantaged Thai students at Suksa Song Kroh school. The school houses almost 1,000 students who are hill tribes and orphans. The CAPT students talk about this trip as one of the most enjoyable experiences during their visit to Chiang Mai.

Unique Massage Demonstration and Tao Life (CAPT April, July)
Overnight trip to the Famous Toa Gardens Health Spa & Resort, CAPT students attended a lecture by the founder, Mantak Chia, on the benefits of Chi Ne Tsang abdomen Massage and enjoyed the many amenities offered at this 5 star facility.

Meals and transportation for field trips provided by ITM.


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